Letter from the Social Chair

To Prospective Residents,
Thank you for taking interest in the Hartford Hospital Radiology Residency Program.  If you are reading the “social chair letter”, you have essentially completed the first step of our interview process.  Dedication and hard work are valued at our program, but we also take pride in being well-rounded individuals outside of work and making the most of our free time as residents.

In the past, as well as throughout the current academic year, we have had our social chairs organize events for the group.  This has been a great way to coordinate social outings and an opportunity to spend time with co-residents in a non-work setting.

Some favored annual activities that make it on our social calendar include the “First Year Residency Picnic” hosted by our always-enthusiastic program director Dr. O’Loughlin. This event traditionally includes the pizza truck (i.e. a brick oven on wheels that turns out large amounts of incredibly delicious pizza), zip lines, and of course Dr. O’Loughlin’s indoor salt water pool.  This event speaks for itself… need I say more.

Other favorite attending-hosted events include but are not limited to:

  • Annual Summer Picnic
  • Spring Barbeque
  • Residency Graduation
  • Resident Retreat at Launch Trampoline Park
  • Winter Retreat at On Track Karting Wallingford

Each winter we also have a “Residency Retreat” where we are provided the opportunity to discuss how to improve our residency program as a group as well as engage in teambuilding and bonding in the form of some activity. The past two years have included laser tag and archery. No resident has been hurt. Anything FUN is fair game!

We also regularly organize events amongst ourselves.  These have included happy hours, trips to local vineyards, dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants, holiday parties, and concerts. For our athletes and sports fanatics, we have our annual resident Fantasy Football League, Final Four Brackets, and occasional trips to Hartford’s XL Center for UConn Men’s/Women’s basketball games or Rentschler Field for UConn Football and recently the U.S. Men’s national soccer team.

We hope to see you on your interview trail and look forward to meeting you!

Social Chair,
Christopher Reeves

IMG_1990 RunIMG_5491 WIngs and Blade RunnerAbraham and Illianie Graduation
IMG_9239 Karting